In Body’s Electric Machine there is description of a flow of electricity in a body, its patters and ways to control it using mind’s images.

     In Empathic Machine of Society there is description of interaction of Electric Machines of different bodies, barriers inside an Electric Machine and consequences of presence of these barriers.

     In Working Images there is description of the system of internal images and ways to use them.

     In Concept of Chi there is description of information exchange (Flow of Chi) between bodies or across a boundary inside a body and ways to control it, particularly using images.

     These works present different views on the same subject.

     Electric Machine – patterns of electric flow, is a model of internal functioning of the body, Flow of Chi - information exchange, is another model, which helps analyzing interaction between bodies or across a boundary in the body. Images and their manipulation are the way to control (both Electric Machine and Flow of Chi) trough conscious control of the system of images and not conscious use of it.


[Alexander Liss, 02/10/2009]