There is an old problem plaguing all market-based societies, which could and should be fixed at this point.

In a market-based society there is a large group of people, who are in disadvantaged situation workers, many employees of service providers and alike. While their state is better than state of subsistence farmers, they are deprived of means of personal growth, locked in a social niche, where they hardly could negotiate their compensation and exist at mercy of job providers.

This creates various unhealthy developments stratification of the society, radicalization of this group, class warfare, imposition on the society of socialist ideas, etc.

The need for perpetual growth of an individual is argued in Expansion.

Dangerous consequences, when such growth is denied are described in Dangerous Stagnation.

The problem is described in Labor Monster of Western Civilization.

How such stable social niche emerges and its influence on the society as a whole is described in Social Niches and in Social Forms

How education system should be organized in general is described in Improvement of Knowledge Generation and Transfer

Special government supported educating system, which should solve this problem, is described in Patching the Hole and in Perfect Political Battle.


[Alexander Liss, 03/31/2009]