Water Desalination “Plant”


There are places, where the sea meets mountains, and warm vapor from the sea rises along the slope of the mountain and cools on the way, until the air cannot hold the water any more. Then droplets of the water fall down as rain. It makes sense to collect this water. While, usually, these places are prone to earthquakes, landslides and not suitable for settlements, it is possible to enhance the place to a degree, that fresh water could be collected in ponds and transported, where it is needed.


Preparing the Ground of Designated Area

To prevent landslides, special “fences” made with reinforced concrete should be buried in the ground, across the paths of possible landslides. “Fences” should be buried in the way, that they reduce speed of movement of the water underground.

Trees with strong root systems should be planted everywhere it is possible. They should serve as a second layer of defense against landslides. In addition, trees extract and evaporate water, which otherwise would move back to the sea.

A system of ponds should be made. Ponds should be small, and made with reinforced concrete, that they could withstand earthquakes. Passages for water overflow from upper ponds to lower ponds should be made also. Ponds on the very bottom of the mountain should be prepared for extraction of the water.

Trees should shade ponds and thus reduce water evaporation.



    Bird population should be seen as a part of the system. Sea birds bring fertilizer for trees, singing birds eat insects, thus protecting the trees.

Ponds should be made in the way that birds could drink easily and safely.


Water Transport

    Fresh water from the bottom ponds in the system should be collected and filtered. It should be pumped into tanks of ships and delivered, where it is needed.

    Hence, ports are needed with pumps and pipes connecting them to the bottom set of ponds. Water filtering system should be there also.

    These ports should be used only, when weather allows, hence they could be inexpensive.

Alexander Liss 5/12/2020