Hydraulic Turbines with Hydraulic Transmission


Dedicated Hydraulic Turbines could be used in many places where usually other motors are used to create rotation. Each could be controlled separately. Turbines should be driven by a flow of hydraulic fluid, produced by a group of pumps and transmitted through the Hydraulic Transmission.



    Helicopters with one rotor or with many rotors could use dedicated Hydraulic Turbines on the same axel as a rotor. The rest of design is the same as with a hydraulic motor (see “A New Type of Helicopter”).



    Planes with propellers could have each propeller driven by a dedicated Hydraulic Turbine.



    Each screw of a ship could have a dedicated Hydraulic Turbine.



    Propeller of a snowmobile could be run by a dedicated Hydraulic Turbine.


Double Propellers, Rotors and Screws

    Double propellers are used with planes, and snowmobiles, double rotors are used with helicopters and double screws are used with ships. They provide unique advantages of more sophisticated control of flow of air or water caused by them, which for example, allows better use of vortexes created by their rotation. Often counter rotation is utilized.

    One device (Propeller, Rotor, or Screw) is rotating on a rod and another is rotating on a tube. The rod goes through the tube. The rod and the tube are mounted independently, that they could rotate independently.

    This design yields itself perfectly to use of two Hydraulic Turbines: one rotates the rod and another rotates the tube. Speed of rotation of these Turbines could be controlled independently.

Alexander Liss 7/31/2019