Implementation of cryptography has to be encapsulated. Such encapsulation is done through layers: a Cryptographic Layer, a Cryptographic Base, a Verifier and Cryptographic Wrapper.

A Cryptographic Layer is a main interface to cryptographic services: "cryptolayer.h" and "cryptolayer.cpp"

Various cryptographic routines exposed through the Crypto Layer are implemented through a layer Cryptographic Base - cryptographic modules, storages and swithches : "cryptobase.h"

A Certificate as a set of byte arrays with special encoding: "certificate.h" and "certificate.cpp", own certificates need a uniform storage: "certstore.h" and other party certificates need a uniform way of checking their revocation and cacheing results of previous verifications to speed-up computations: "certcheck.h"

A certificate Verifier: "verify.h"

All types used in Cryptographic Layer are stored in one file: "cryptotype.h", this file is ammended as needed.

They rely on the CommBuffer and encoding

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