Getting Enough Oxygen

    As we know, the WCS – the “Whole-Body Control System” (see “Whole-Body Control System” on this site) does not “measure” the level of oxygen in the blood. It “measures” some other parameters, which characterize sufficiency of oxygen and sets patterns of breathing accordingly. As a result, it does not change these patterns immediately, when the body needs more oxygen. It takes some time for the body to go through the WCS Adjustment.

The body needs more oxygen intake, when it begins intense physical activity, or when it needs to fight infection, or when it starts operating in a room with a low level of oxygen, etc. However, the body maintains its pattern of breathing, and this leads to low level of oxygen, to detriment to the efficiency of the activity and to the health of the body.

    To some degree, we know this effect and how to compensate for this inflexibility.

For example, before we start running, we warm-up. This warming-up forces the WCS to adjust many patterns of body’s activity to handle conditions and demands of anticipated activity.

    The other example is not trivial. Usually, people of advanced age do not move enough. This causes the WCS to settle in a state, where any serious mental or physical activity is not supported by WCS’s patterns of breathing, nerves activity, nutrients transport, etc. To adjust the WCS, one needs to do systematically something special. That requires knowledge and effort.    In many cultures, there are systems of exercises, useful for everyone, but especially helpful for people of advanced age. They are not strenuous, but require a lot of unusual movements. These movements stimulate the WCS Adjustment, which prepares the body to handle higher level of mental and physical activity.

    Even more important is such guided WCS Adjustment in a case of a taxing illness.

During initial period of the illness, the WCS often stabilizes at a low level of breathing and other body activities.

After treatment, we want the WCS to switch into another state, where there is high level of oxygen consumption and other body activities. Special exercises and special food could facilitate such switch. However, the switch could be complicated and it is better to rely on doctors to guide the treatment and recovery.

Alexander Liss 2/7/2021