Not Diabetes


High level of glucose in the blood is a distinctive sign of type 2 diabetes, (diabetes is a difficult to treat disorder characterized by poor body’s ability to utilize glucose leading to high level of glucose in the blood). However, there is at least one situation, where high level of glucose in the blood could be explained as body’s protective measure.

    In some cases, when lungs do not work well, they they do not provide adequate level of oxygenation of the blood. In such cases, the body should compensate with elevated level of oxygen in the blood. This compensation could work as follows.

    As the blood moves through the blood circulation system, oxygen is consumed at different speeds at different places and this leads to uneven distribution of the oxygen in the blood through the body. Low level of oxygen is some places of the body should lead to diminished activity in corresponding organs. The body should respond with higher speed of blood circulation (higher heartbeat) and eventually with higher level of oxygen in the blood.

That, in turn, should bring another problem:  high level of oxygen in the blood, should lead to some degree of damage in other places of the body. Oxygen in the blood is dangerous even in its “captured” form, it could lead to “burning” of tissues, when it is not consumed promptly.

    Now, the body needs to adjust its functioning to minimize such damage. The natural way to do that would be to increase some not dangerous and easily controlled local “activity” to use-up dangerous excess of oxygen. To support this “activity” the body has to increase the level of glucose in the blood.

    The body does amazing perpetual adjustments of its functioning, and it is plausible to assume, that it uses this kind of adjustment also.

    As a result, we should observe combination of elevated level of oxygen together with elevated level of glucose in bodies having lungs with diminished oxygen absorption capacity. This is exactly, what is observed often.  

    If this theory is true, in some group of cases, then improvement of lung capacity to oxygenate the blood should lead to reduction of the level of glucose and the level of oxygen in the blood.

Hence, these cases are body’s adjustment to problems in lungs, and should be treated accordingly.

Alexander Liss 2/24/2021